Genzyme’s Platinum LEED certified Green Building


Genzyme is a biotech company and the headquarter office is a Platinum LEED Certified Green Building in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The building is a 4 year old structure but CNET went inside to take a look. A video from CNET can be found here. Fresh air is brought into the building using a circulation system and daylight is beamed inside to the entire office space using a complicated system of mirror reflectors and seven moving heliostats. The building has waterless urinals, a green roof and a 20-kilowatt solar photovoltaic array for electricity. Waste steam from a next-door power plant is used to power the entire building. 75% of the materials used in the building came from local providers. The building costs 140 million to build but is a great healthy and pleasant working space for employees. Employees in this building have called in sick less than 1 percent of the time and studies have shown that well-lit spaces with access to fresh air allow for a more productive environment. Obviously not every company is willing to spend this much money on a building but it is a great example of a green building and definitely attracts people to work there. Picture Gallery from CNet can be found here.